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All sales are final

Once plants are sold they are immediately pulled from the greenhouse and prepared for pickup. We cannot offer order cancellations once they have been placed.

Rare plant policy

Unlike other retailers, we offer a guarantee on our rare plants

This guarantee lasts for five days from pickup and covers;
- Disease
- Pests
- Root Health

This guarantee does NOT cover;

- Physical/Accidental damage by the customer

- Leaf Loss

To maintain the guarantee we ask that for the first 5 days you do not:
- Re-pot your plant
- Remove or replace the growing medium
- Apply pesticides, fungicides, or any other sprays
- Trim or otherwise alter the plants

Any of the above will void the guarantee

Suspect an issue?

If you believe that there is an issue with your plant within our 5 day guarantee period here's what to do;

1. Do not remove the plant from the pot. We understand that its tempting to attempt to diagnose the issue yourself but digging through the roots may cause more harm than good. Let us take care of it.

2. Reach out to us through Instagram or email with your concerns. We will let you know the next steps.

3. If we deem that there is an issue, we'll have you bring the plant in and walk you through the next steps. Depending on the issue, we will either offer a replacement, award store credit, or treat the plant and return it to your once its healthy. We do not offer refunds.

Pick-up Policy

Please wait for a confirmation email before coming to the shop to pick-up your purchase. Be ready to provide the email to verify your purchase.

Pickup Address: Safa Plant Co. 4165 Main Street, Philadelphia PA 19127

When plants are purchased we immediately begin preparing them for pickup. They are transported to the shop the day you selected during checkout and will remain there until the end of the day Sunday.

Please make sure to pickup your plant on the day you selected. If the plants are returned to the greenhouse because the customer missed the pickup, a 10 percent restocking fee is applied. This fee is a necessity to cover transport and reintroduction into our extremely limited greenhouse space. We will reach out to set up a new pick-up date if this occurs.

Payment Methods
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